Pepper Money India: Turning Dreams into Reality

At Pepper Money India, we are driven by excitement and passion as we set our focus on turning dreams into reality. Our mission is to simplify consumer finance and unravel complexity, transforming financial challenges into clear and accessible opportunities. With the dreams of a billion Indians within reach, we are dedicated to making them a reality through innovative solutions and unparalleled commitment.

At Pepper Money, we don’t just add value; we create it.

We are backed by a successful group that has built thriving teams and businesses across the globe. Since 2000, our mission has been to empower individuals and companies, bringing innovative perspectives to markets, risk management, and transformative value creation.

With strategic offices in financial hubs, our localized expertise and global understanding shape financial landscapes.

And now we are bringing the expertise and learnings to India.

Numbers that Define Us: Our Reach and Impact

With a presence across 14 countries, Pepper Money has served over two million borrowers and small businesses, making a tangible impact on individuals' lives and the growth of enterprises.
Assets Under Management

Meet our Leaders

Abhishek Kothari, the CEO and founding member of Pepper Money India is an accomplished entrepreneur who was awarded the prestigious BW Businessworld 40 under 40 title for his exemplary achievements in the fintech space.

After successfully exiting his previous venture Flexiloans as co-founder, Abhishek has set his vision on revolutionizing the consumer finance space.

Meet Mike Culhane, the architect of Pepper’s global strategy. He determines the company’s worldwide portfolio, explores new markets, and oversees business developments across Australia, Asia, and Europe.

With expertise in structured finance, securitisation, and M&A, Mike’s contributions drive Pepper’s success.